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About Pathways to SmartCare

Tailored Plans For Employee Wellness Programs

Pathways-to-SmartCare-Corporate-Wellness-InformationPathways to SmartCare is the Employee Wellness Program of American HealthCare Group, a preventive services firm in Pittsburgh, PA.  American HealthCare Group designs wellness programming for corporations, school districts, municipalities and other employers.

Pathways to SmartCare designs preventive services programs for employees.  We administer biometric health screenings, immunizations, Health Fairs, Lunch wellness events, on-site programming and more to our clients.

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How Pathways to SmartCare Can Help You.

Any size population

It doesn’t matter how big your company is, just how big your capacity is for wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.  We create a tailored wellness program for each of our customers based on our method of analyzing the population, setting goals and designing programs to meet those goals.

On an employee level, Pathways to SmartCare is a  “wellness advocate” to help your employees achieve their wellness goals.

We want to help your group be as productive as possible and succeed in what you do best.  Contact us to receive hands-on custom wellness programming that works to achieve your health care goals.

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What our clients have to say ...

  • "So far so good! The screeners are easy to work with and we’ve had great participation." - N.G., Account Executive
  • "They are amazing!! Everything is going so well in Atlanta. Thanks so much!" - H.H.E., Managing Director
  • "Yes, it was a great event.. best one yet. Lots of thanks to your administrative staff for their assistance in bringing it all together nicely. I’m already excited for next year." - S.B., Human Resources

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733 Washington Road, Suite 102, Pittsburgh, PA 15228