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Strengthening Our Motivation for Change

Long-term behavioral change

Motivation is overrated. Behaving your way to change is how to make the journey more meaningful and surely more fun! We’ll talk about the joy of living and the lessons in the pain. What we do not learn from, we are destined to repeat…

We’ll talk about some ideas that might be new and/or ideas you know in your heart to be true but might have forgotten. Happiness is firmly planted in your ability to change. Could happiness be the key to motivation? Come and see!

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  • "So far so good! The screeners are easy to work with and we’ve had great participation." - N.G., Account Executive
  • "They are amazing!! Everything is going so well in Atlanta. Thanks so much!" - H.H.E., Managing Director
  • "Yes, it was a great event.. best one yet. Lots of thanks to your administrative staff for their assistance in bringing it all together nicely. I’m already excited for next year." - S.B., Human Resources

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