August Wellness: Focus on Financial Health

An Element of Your Wellbeing

About half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, not leaving much room to plan for emergencies. This makes it hard to be prepared for the unexpected, like when you drive to work but your muffler stays at home. It’s important to be financially prepared for emergencies, but your financial wellness can also have an impact on your overall health.

62% of American adults say that finances are a significant source of stress. Financial stress may lead to anxiety, insomnia, depression, and other harmful conditions. People with high financial stress are also more likely to use unhealthy behaviors to cope. Creating a financial plan that works with your lifestyle can help set you on the right path.

Set a budget and make a spending plan. Assess how much money is coming in each month and prioritize the bills that need to be paid. Focus on mortgage or rent, utilities, and groceries. Identify the things you need to pay for and the things you simply want to pay for. Remind yourself to save more and spend less. Even though you enjoy streaming your favorite shows or eating out every day for lunch, these are ways you can save your money to reduce financial

Plan your meals ahead of time to refrain from eating fast food. It can be good for your diet and your wallet! Instead of paying for multiple streaming services, treat yourself to one that fits in your budget. There are also coupons, sales, and other ways to decrease the amount you spend on groceries each week. It takes some practice, but it is possible
to cut back on spending to reduce your stress when you face emergencies, like that pesky muffler.

If you think your stress goes beyond finances, or if your mental health is a concern, talk to your primary care provider. Mental health is important, and you do not have to suffer alone. Contact your primary care provider to discuss treatment options.

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