School Resources


Wellness grants for schools in Pennsylvania can support initiatives that focus on promoting the health and well-being of students, teachers, and staff. These grants can cover a range of programs, including physical fitness, mental health, nutrition, and overall wellness. Here are some potential sources for wellness grants for schools in Pennsylvania:
  1. Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE): The PDE may offer grants or funding opportunities for wellness programs in schools. Check the PDE website or contact the department directly for information on available grants.
  2. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) School Health Grants: The CDC provides funding opportunities for schools to implement comprehensive school health programs. These programs address physical activity, nutrition, mental health, and other aspects of student wellness.
  3. Fuel Up to Play 60: This program, supported by the National Dairy Council and the NFL, encourages schools to promote healthy eating and physical activity. Grants are available to support initiatives that improve wellness through better nutrition and increased physical activity.
  4. Action for Healthy Kids Grants: Action for Healthy Kids offers grants to support school-based programs that promote physical activity, healthy eating, and overall wellness. These grants aim to create healthier school environments.
  5. Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Pennsylvania: Health-focused foundations, such as the Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Pennsylvania, may offer grants to support initiatives that improve community health, including school wellness programs.
  6. Highmark Foundation: The Highmark Foundation supports initiatives that focus on improving community health and wellness. Schools in Pennsylvania may find grant opportunities related to physical activity, nutrition education, and mental health.
  7. The 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program: Administered by the PDE, this federal program provides funding to support the creation of community learning centers. While not exclusively focused on wellness, these centers often include programs that support the overall well-being of students.
  8. Community Foundation Grants: Local community foundations in Pennsylvania may provide grants to support wellness initiatives in schools. Check with foundations in your area for specific grant opportunities.
  9. This federal website is a comprehensive resource for finding and applying for various government grants. Schools can search for grants related to health, wellness, and education.
  10. Local Health Departments: Contact local health departments or agencies in Pennsylvania, as they may offer grants or resources to schools aiming to improve wellness and health outcomes.