Pathways works with Veterinary schools and practices to help their students and employees obtain Pre-Exposure Vaccinations.  

In May 2022, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices ACIP redefined its categories for people at risk of rabies, and revised its Rabies Vaccine Preexposure indications.  Read more on the AMVA site here.

Learn more: Rabies pre-exposure vaccination and titers for the veterinary team | American Veterinary Medical Association (

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Onsite Immunization Clinics

Immunization Clinicians will arrive to administer the vaccines or draw blood for titers.  They will bring all necessary paperwork, clinical supplies, and vaccines.  The team will remove all medical waste upon completion of the clinic.  Clinics may be staffed by an additional administrative coordinator who will assist in managing paperwork completion, answering questions, and assuring that clinic is kept on track.   Employees will be asked to sign a consent form at the time of the clinic. 

Scheduling & Registration

Scheduling of clinic staff is designed per clinic and will be managed by Pathways to ensure the proper number of immunization clinicians.  Online registration will be used to collect patient insurance information and to best manage the flow of the event.  The Rabies dosing schedule is 0 & 7.  Both dates will be scheduled to ensure proper dosing.

Rabies Dosing Schedule:  Preexposure Dosage of 2 vaccines – Days 0 & 7

Cost of Immunizations

Pathways is available to come onsite to administer vaccines and will bill insurance for the cost of the vaccine and administration of the vaccine.  Most immunizations are a covered benefit under Group Employer Health Plans. For those participants who do not have health benefit coverage, competitive rates and group discounts are available.  Pathways is dedicated to help employees become immunized! While we do not have a set minimum, we are happy to work with you to design a clinic timeframe that best meets your needs.  

Emergency Protocols

Medical staff will be supplied with ampules of Epinephrine.  In the event of an unlikely allergic reaction, Epinephrine will be administered and 911 will be called.

Next Steps:

  • Email Us or call 412-563-7854 with your group employer insurance card information and date of birth.  Pathways billing team will verify coverage of the Rabies vaccine.  Individuals not on the Group Employer Health Plan may send in their individual information for verification.
  • Choose First dose date and Second does date (7 days later)
  • We will send you a link that you can share with your group to register online for which service they need (titers, Dose 1, Dose 2)
  • Our billing department will verify coverage and contact anyone who may not have 100% coverage
  • Pathways will send a detailed invoice following the event to indicate who received the immunizations or titers and how much
  • Titer results will be mailed to the patient directly
  • Proof of Vaccination will be given to the patient at the clinic