On-site Wellness Services

Targeted to improve all aspects of life

Long-term lifestyle changes provide obvious benefits: chronic disease prevention, healthier bodies & minds, and decreased health care spending on patient treatments.

Pathways targets all areas of your health where bad habits can take hold. We give participants the best chance of creating change within their own lives.

Evaluate – Design – Deliver

Pathways to SmartCare Whole Body Wellness

It’s easy for your team to get started on the goal! First, we analyze the current state of health for your population. Then we design programs that will make long-term changes to your plan participants. Then we administer the specific plan to your group with continuous monitoring to ensure maximum participation.

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What our clients have to say ...

"So far so good! The screeners are easy to work with and we’ve had great participation."

- Nathaniel G., Account Executive

"They are amazing!! Everything is going so well in Atlanta. Thanks so much!"

- Harietta H.E., Managing Director

"Yes, it was a great event, best one yet. Lots of thanks to your administrative staff for their assistance in bringing it all together nicely. I’m already excited for next year."

- Sam B., Human Resources


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