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Changes to Medicare Part D in 2024 and 2025 Under the Inflation Reduction Act and How Enrollees Will Benefit​

The Inflation Reduction Act is capping Out-of-pocket drug spending will at $2,000 - Beginning in 2025, Part D enrollees’ out-of-pocket drug costs will be capped at $2,000. Employers should be aware their pharmacy benefits may soon not be considered "Credible Coverage." If not - employees over 65 must obtain a Part D Plan, or they will be penalized when they do. Beneficiaries must be enrolled in Part A ($0) and/or Part B (Premiums start at $164.90) to purchase a Part D Plan. If contributing to an HSA, you must stop contributions 6 months before you enroll in Part A or B. I am currently scheduling Medicare 101 talks - please email me to learn if this would benefit your group! Learn more about the upcoming changes!

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Turning 65? 

A question I’m commonly asked is – I’m turning 65! Do I need to enroll in Medicare? 

The answer is – it depends. 

If you are on a group employer plan or your spouse’s group employer plan that has more than 20 employees, do you do not need to enroll in Medicare A or B.

If you are not contributing to a Health Savings Account, you may choose to enroll in Medicare Part A through the Federal Govt, via the Social Security website. Part A will be $0 and may be used as additional hospital coverage, if you choose. 

Once you lose employer coverage, you will then have a Special Enrollment Period to enroll in Medicare Parts A & B through the Federal Govt, and choose a Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan. The recommended time frame for this process is 3 months, but could be done in about 4-6 weeks. 

When you know your anticipated retirement date, be sure to confirm your last day of coverage so that you can line up A & B to begin the first day of the next month.

Check out the article from CMS.GOV in the comment link.

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