December Wellness: Self Care

Fill your Tank with Self Care Practices December is often the time of giving, but you can’t continue giving if your tank is running on empty. It’s beneficial for your overall health and wellness to take time for yourself by engaging in self-care activities. Self-care can help you manage stress, lower your risk of illness, […]

October Wellness: Musculoskeletal Health

Let’s Get Moving! Regular exercise has significant health benefits, yet more than 80% of American adults do not get enough physical activity. Experts recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise each week, along with two strength-training sessions, however, even a small amount of physical activity is better than none. If you find yourself sitting more […]

August Wellness: Nature & Well-being

Nature Improves Health & Well-being Imagine this: sparkling aqua blue waves sweep over a soft golden shore as the scent of an ocean breeze fills the air. A lush waterfall flows by vibrant emerald green ferns and careens over shiny black river rocks. On a stroll through the woods, snowflakes land peacefully on your shoulders […]

January Wellness: Building Resilience for 2023

Resilience It’s a new year, and many people make New Year’s resolutions about what habits they will change and how they want to grow within the year ahead. One week into the new year, 77% of those individuals may be successful in keeping their resolution, and a little over half may keep up the good […]

December Wellness: Self Care

The gift of self-forgiveness Self-forgiveness is a way of reconciling the way you see yourself after you experience guilt or shame. These feelings happen when you do something that makes you question the image you have of yourself. Whether you have disappointed yourself or others, it can be hard to be kind to yourself when […]

December Wellness: Self-Care

Being more organized can lead to better self-care You cannot underestimate the power of self-care during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. With the flurry of things to do, your self-care activities might fall by the wayside. One way to ensure you are making time for yourself is by organizing and planning all your […]

November Wellness: Work-Life Integration

How to better manage your time Between work tasks and your personal to-do list, 24 hours in a day may not feel like enough. The fatigue and disorganization of scrambling to get things done can lead to reduced productivity in both professional and personal areas of life. Organizing your time can help you feel productive […]

November Wellness: Work-Life Integration

Tips for switching off after work Having the ability to “switch off” after work can help prevent burnout and allow you to be more present in your personal life. Transitioning from work to home life can be challenging to do. This is especially true as remote work is becoming more common. The line between home […]

October Wellness: Musculoskeletal Health

Did you know that not getting enough physical activity can result in the same kinds of health problems caused by smoking and being overweight? Moving more often can improve your mood, slow aging, and lower your risk of certain diseases. It’s commonly recommended that adults should participate in moderate intensity aerobic physical activity for a […]

September Wellness: Preventive Health

Pillars to optimal health When you think of a healthy lifestyle, you might focus on exercise and nutrition. Make sure you are considering other habits that help prevent disease as well. Check out these often-forgotten pillars to optimal health below: Preventive care Stay up to date on wellness exams including yearly physicals and dental and […]