To Diet Or Not To Diet?

S.M.A.R.T. Goals


Cooking & Nutrition SmartCare Session

Discovering the meaning of S.M.A.R.T. goals will change the way you look at dieting.

  • In this section, we will discuss the truths behind Fad diets and their effects on your health. There are many barriers to health and we will break down the choices that incorporate this with what makes the best decisions about your diet.
  • Determining what triggers you to divert from the diet that best suits you is also a huge factor when making the right decisions to stay on track.
  • Positive self-talk can do a lot to help you continue your path to keeping the right diet for you.
  • Knowing that it’s okay to accept support from others can make a significant difference when following your diet to feel better and live healthier.
  • Remaining accountable for the choices you make while adhering to your diet will help you stay the course. We will explain how tracking your progress will help you feel better about the decision to maintain your diet.

    About Pathways to SmartCare

    Tailored Plans For Employee Wellness Programs

    Pathways to SmartCare is the Employee Wellness Program of American HealthCare Group, a preventive services firm in Pittsburgh, PA.  American HealthCare Group designs wellness programming for corporations, school districts, municipalities and other employers.

    Pathways to SmartCare designs preventive services programs for employees.  We administer biometric health screenings, immunizations, Health Fairs, Lunch wellness events, on-site programming and more to our clients.

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