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Eating Well on Weekends & Road Trips

So many people blame their fall from the proverbial health food wagon on weekend social activities & travel.

In this workshop, we troubleshoot those bad weekend habits and teach you how to navigate highway rest stops, airports & ball parks for on-the-go foods that are good for you!

You will learn how to plan ahead to eat well, still have a social life and enjoy the weekends!

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What our clients have to say ...

"So far so good! The screeners are easy to work with and we’ve had great participation."

- Nathaniel G., Account Executive

"They are amazing!! Everything is going so well in Atlanta. Thanks so much!"

- Harietta H.E., Managing Director

"Yes, it was a great event.. best one yet. Lots of thanks to your administrative staff for their assistance in bringing it all together nicely. I’m already excited for next year."

- Sam B., Human Resources


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