Feng Shui for the Office

Feng Shui Your Office for Positive Energy Flow
Feng Shui Your Office for Positive Energy Flow

Use Feng Shui to Facilitate Health & Creativity in Your Office

Have you ever used Feng Shui at home or been curious to learn what it is all about?  Feng Shui is the practice of arranging your office work zones to produce positive energy flow that can lead to happier employees and a more peaceful and productive workplace.

Pathways to SmartCare partners with an expert Feng Shui speaker to teach employees how they can take small steps to create positive energy flow in their own environment.

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Feng Shui for the Office Speaker Topics

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Decoding Feng Shui for Your Business

You will learn how to set your business in motion with this powerful 5000-year-old art that will fast forward your business quickly and easily. Feng Shui will be explained in simple, easy terms that will make you a fan in minutes!

Office Set Up for Productive Work Team

You will learn basic 101 Feng Shui along with how to set up your desk and office to increase production on a daily basis. Maybe even increase the span of productive work from 3.5 hours to 5.5 hours!

Goal Setting with the Art of Feng Shui

The combination of Feng Shui principles along with goal setting can empower them to move forward quickly and easily. You will learn basic rules of Feng Shui and how to bring those intentions for the year completely and quickly. You will be focused on exactly what you want to do and where you would like to go!

Merchandising your Business with Feng Shui

Every season has a theme and by following it and combining it with ancient principles of Feng Shui, it will give your business the extra benefits that show you are progressive and innovative. Our speaker will provide you a yearly cycle that will benefit everyone who comes into your business as well as support business growth. You will learn basic Feng Shui that is easy for you and your staff to implement.

Feng Shui for Life Speaker Topics

These sessions reach beyond the office into creating a dynamic environment in employee’s personal lives.

Health & Wealth

You will learn the Feng Shui essentials of making sure your home or office is full of vitality and energy to increase the good health and wealth factors of everyone within any space. Basic terminology and rules of Feng Shui will be shared in an easy to understand manner.

Feng Shui Tips to Feng Shui your Home Quickly & Easily

You will learn Basic 101 Feng Shui Tips that will send you back to your home or office quickly to get to work. Balance all 9 Areas of your life with Feng Shui. You work in all of these areas in your life.

Feng Shui Your Holiday Decorations

Who would believe that setting up your holiday tree could benefit you in January! You will be shown how these ancient principles will help set the intentions for the following year, just by placing your decorations in the proper place. Basic Feng Shui rules will be provided for you to get your next year running just the way you would like it to be for your business or family.

Balance all 9 Areas of Your life with Feng Shui

You work in all of these areas in your life at one time or another. Sometimes you even work on several at one time. Our speaker will walk you through each area (Wealth, Fame, Relationships, Family, Creativity, Knowledge, Career, Helpful People, and Travel) and show you how to work your own Feng Shui. You will go home and be able to apply these tips immediately!

Feng Shui Your Landscaping!

You will be provided the basic knowledge of Feng Shui and how to incorporate it in your landscaping to benefit everyone benefits to everyone inside your building or home. You will be ready to work your plan as soon as you leave the presentation.

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Contact Liz Kanche to schedule a speaker for your next Employee Health Fair or Lunch & Learn.

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