January Wellness: Focus on Resilience

It can be hard to navigate life’s unmapped journey. You will most likely experience twists and turns along the way. From everyday challenges to life crises, each turn can be life-altering and land you in uncharted territory.

Just remember that each roadblock you experience along the way is a chance for you to learn how to adapt and become more resilient. Resilience is the ability to harness your inner strength and rebound from setbacks. It gives you the strength to overcome stress or life challenges. Of course, resilience can’t make your problems disappear, but it can help you move forward. With practice, resilience can help you cope with stressful situations.

One way to build resilience is finding your purpose each day. Having a purpose may motivate you to deal with your stress. When you wake up in the morning, tell yourself that you are engaged in something that matters. Remind yourself that your journey does not stop at your current roadblock,
and you are doing whatever you can find a detour. Developing realistic goals each day enables you to move forward even when you feel like giving up.

Life doesn’t have a road map, and you can’t predict when negative things will happen. Just remember that overcoming twists and turns along the way is a great opportunity for growth. Once you face hardship, you can learn to adapt and emerge even stronger than before.

If your stress is creating a lasting impact on your well-being, contact a health professional for more guidance.

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