November Wellness: Focus on Healthy Weight

A Pinch of Mindfulness

Falling into November with aromas of pumpkin spice, pies, and apple cider can be a major distraction from eating healthy. Keep in mind that sweets are fine in moderation, especially during Thanksgiving feasts.

You can enjoy all the wonderful flavors of fall and still make healthy choices through mindful eating. Mindful eating is an effective strategy that encourages you to slow down and pay attention to your food. Mindful eating is being present while eating so you can make healthy choices at the dinner table.

You can start mindful eating by asking yourself if you are actually hungry or simply craving. True hunger can cause a rumbling stomach, headache,
or weakness. Cravings will pass with time, while hunger pains will not.
Once you have decided you are hungry, sit at a table without any distractions to prevent yourself from overeating. Observe the smells, textures, sounds, colors, and tastes. Appreciate that your food fills you up and makes you healthy. Eat small bites and chew slowly. Finally, make the decision to stop eating once you are full.

Mindful eating can help you make healthy and enjoyable food choices. The practice is often linked to healthy weight loss and supports your health and well-being. Some people who try mindful eating might even say that mindfulness is the perfect seasoning for every meal.

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