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Lunch and Learns

Lunch & Learns are 30 to 60-minute group sessions that focus on core topics of wellness. We typically host these during work during a break-time or lunch hour.

New Lunch & Learn Topics!

Financial Wellness

1) How to Create a Realistic Budget and How to Follow It Successfully

2) How To Get Out and Stay Out of Debt 

3) How To Save and Invest Even When You’re Not Earning A Lot of Money

4) Repair and Improve Your Credit in 5 Easy Steps

5) You’re Ready to Start Investing – Now What?

The Science of Positive Psychology

1) Top Ways to Become Happier at Work and Home

2) Top Ways to Become Happier at School and Home

3) Become Happier by Leading with your Strengths

4) Thrive Through SPIRE: Maximize Your Integrative Health


1) Defense-Awareness-Avoidance

2) Mindfulness – Resilience on-Demand

3) Everyday Mindfulness

Tried & True Lunch & Learn Topics

Diet & Nutrition

Eating Clean & Cleaning Out Your Pantry

Build a Healthy Plate

Plan, Purchase, Portion

Filling up with Fiber

To Diet or Not to Diet?

Bite Into A Rainbow

Eat More Like A Rabbit

Food Pyramid Made Simple

Calories In, Calories Out

Most of Dis-Ease is Nutritionally Based


Supermarket Sweep

New Year, New You Campaign

Healthy Holidays

Eating for Energy

How to Cleanse Safely and Successfully

Medical and Scientific Evidence: The Benefits of a Plant-based Diet

What’s Healthy To Eat/Drink In A Fast Food Restaurant, Vending Machine, and Convenience Store

Positive Psychology

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

The Happiness Factor

Release Stress and Choose Happiness Instead


Dream Setting

De-stress your Day

Whole-self Health

The 8 Components Of Wellness

The 8 Components Of Wellness

Chronic Diseases and Clean Eating

Heart Health

Stress Relief through Mindfulness

Simple Tips To Slimmer Waists

Biomarkers Of Vitality

Senior Topics

Why It’s Never Too Late To Exercise…The Importance Of Exercise At Any Age

An Exercise A Day Just MAY Keep The Dr. Away!

Falls Prevention

How Exercise Can Help Our Aging 5 Senses

How Exercise And An Active Life Can Help Us Cope With Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

Mental Health

Grief in the workplace

What is “Addiction” and why does it plague some of us and not others?

Addiction as it pertains to the family and workplace dynamics

Addiction: Is it in someone’s DNA or a moral deficit?


The Necessity of Movement and the Benefits of an Active Lifestyle

The Latest Exercise Techniques

Fitness Testing and Evaluation

What To Look For In Hiring A Fitness Professional

Cooking & Nutrition SmartCare Sessions

March is Nutrition Month

March is Nutrition Month

Nutrition is key to living a healthy lifestyle, but knowing what, how, and when to eat can be frustrating and confusing. Popular fad diets that are seen online or on TV often seem like an easy solution, but a personalized diet plan made just for you has maximum potential for success.

November Wellness: Mindful Eating

November Wellness: Mindful Eating

Did you know that your mood can affect your eating habits and vice versa? If you want to avoid emotional eating that leads to weight gain, it is important to understand the delicate relationship between food and mood. Understanding “Mind-less” Eating Habits It is common to crave high-calorie, unhealthy foods when you are stressed or…

Chronic Diseases and Clean Eating

Chronic Diseases and Clean Eating

If we are what we eat, can disease start with our diet? Can diet prevent, treat, or even reverse the myriad of chronic diseases that plague our society? Join us as we look deep into the science of the effects diet has on our top chronic killers and how we can provide a better outlook…

How to Cleanse Safely and Successfully

How to Cleanse Safely and Successfully

In this on-site SmartCare Session, your employees will learn the proven benefits of cleansing, the different approaches to cleansing, and how to safely cleanse for the benefit of your physical and mental health.

Eating Clean & Cleaning Out Your Pantry.

Eating Clean & Cleaning Out Your Pantry.

When is the last time you read the label of everything in your pantry and kitchen? Do you truly know what you and your family are ingesting? Does it matter? We’ll learn the essentials of label reading and tools to help identify healthy options. We’ll also discuss the importance of clean eating and how it…

The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet.

The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet.

In this on-site SmartCare Session, our instructors educate your employee group about how a plant-based diet has been proven to prevent, treat, and even reverse many chronic diseases.

Build A Healthy Plate

Build A Healthy Plate

In this session, we will be going over the multitude of health benefits including in eating well including why whole foods should come first and the negatives of choosing processed foods.

To Diet Or Not To Diet?

To Diet Or Not To Diet?

Discovering the meaning of S.M.A.R.T. goals will change the way you look at dieting.

Plan, Purchase, Portion

Plan, Purchase, Portion

Budget-Smart Health Ideas Cooking & Nutrition SmartCare Sessions Meal planning is an important part of leading a healthy and active life. But, shopping for what is healthy isn’t always so easy. Knowing what to look for on the Nutrition Facts labels can be a tremendous step in the right direction. Keeping control over your portion…

Filling Up With Fiber

Filling Up With Fiber

Not everyone knows the great benefits of outfitting your diet with a healthy amount of fiber. There are plenty of great eating choices that help you get the most out of certain kinds of foods.

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