Update to Covid 19 Related Services

Covid 19 Preventative Services for Employers

Pathways Wellness Program, LLC has extensive experience in offering onsite immunization clinics and is planning to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.  We will be offering Immunization Events at our South Hills office as well as our client’s locations, where appropriate, and public events. 

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Pathways has been actively involved in temperature screenings, Rapid & PCR COVID-19 clinics during this pandemic.  We’ve been able to offer both onsite and drive-by options for our clients.

If you are interested in Pathways immunizing your staff, teachers, residents, or community, please complete this short, non-binding survey.

The cost of the vaccine is covered by the federal govt., the cost of the administration of the vaccine is covered by insurance and the cost of the PPE is not covered. 

Registration will be done via an online link where patients can choose their date/time and location.  They will receive reminders of their appointment.  In an effort to correctly immunize patients, 2 dates will need to be secured so that patients may receive both doses of the vaccine.

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Information

The department will work to get the vaccine out to Pennsylvanians in three phases, following the CDC guidelines regarding supply, demand, and risk of the vaccine.

  • Phase 1: There may be a limited supply of COVID-19 vaccine doses available in the first phase. Initial efforts will focus on reaching the following populations:
    • Healthcare personnel;
    • Emergency Medical Services first responders;
    • Critical workers who are maintaining core societal functions/essential workers;
    • People 65 years and older; and
    • Residents of congregate care settings.
  • Phase 2: We anticipate a large number of vaccine doses available. Efforts will focus on ensuring access to vaccine for:
    • Phase 1 critical population who were not yet vaccinated; and
    • General population.
  • Phase 3: In this phase, there should be a sufficient supply of vaccine doses for entire population. Efforts will focus on ensuring the entire population will have access to the vaccine.

Read More about our Specific Covid-19 Related Services

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What our clients have to say ...

"So far so good! The screeners are easy to work with and we’ve had great participation."

- Nathaniel G., Account Executive

"They are amazing!! Everything is going so well in Atlanta. Thanks so much!"

- Harietta H.E., Managing Director

"Yes, it was a great event, best one yet. Lots of thanks to your administrative staff for their assistance in bringing it all together nicely. I’m already excited for next year."

- Sam B., Human Resources


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