Welcome to Pathways Wellness as New Staff!


1. Contact the Pathways Wellness Staff Liaison at 412-563-7826 to get started

2. Register on Shiftboard.  Upload your credentials, clearances and view open shifts to work.  

    • Administrative Team Leads do not need a professional license/insurance, CPR certificate or FBI clearances. 

    • Proof of immunization is optional for all.

3. Complete employment documents

4. Training – See below Parking at the Office

5. Request Name Badge & Business Card Order Form – Optional

6. Sign up for shifts!



Admin Team Leads:

Admin Team Lead Checklist

Admin Team Lead Training

Immunization Clinicians (IC):


Immunization Clinician (IC) Training

Shiftboard: Upcoming

TimeTap Training



How to Enter a Timecard

Expense Report Form

Pay Details

1099 Contractor Tax Info