Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) are devices designed to provide immediate assistance in case of a medical emergency or any other urgent situation. These systems are typically used by individuals who may be at risk of falling, have a medical condition that requires monitoring, or live alone and want peace of mind knowing help is easily accessible.

WellBe® Medical Alert Watch

Say Hello:

The WellBe® Medical Alert Watch provides added protection and security – at-home and on-the-go. 24/7 emergency monitoring in a sleek watch, with GPS real-time location and 2-way communication. Features include 4G connectivity, pedometer, heart rate sensor, water-resistant design, long battery life, and WellBe® Virtual Assistant. Fall detection – available for an additional monthly fee – enables your watch to automatically place a call for help when a hard fall is detected.


• Mobile PERS (Personal Emergency Response System)
• Built-In Speaker & :Lithium Battery
• Available 24/7/365
• Completely Secure
• Digital or Analog Watch Faces
• Much more!

Improve Safety and Security:

24/7 Emergency Monitoring: Emergency response at the push of a button.

GPS Tracking: Location services for emergency calls and tracking.

Voice Prompt: WellBe® will speak the time of day, battery life percentage.

2-Way Communication: Hands-free calling to your contacts by simply using your voice.

Companion App: WellBe® Virtual Assistant App keeps you connected to your healthcare information.

Remote Registration: Setup and register WellBe® from anywhere using our Universal Registration feature.

LifeFone VIPX


• Voice-In-Pendant: Two way communication with built-in speaker and microphone.
• Works Anywhere in the U.S.: Unlimited range with Verizon or AT&T. Uses our Cellular service, not yours.
• Personalized Care Plan: You determine who we contact in an emergency. We follow your instructions. Phone, email and text notifications.
• Location Tracking: Pinpoints your location quickly and accurately using GPS, Cellular, and WiFi.
• Long Lasting Supervised Battery: A single charge lasts up to 16 days. We notify you if the battery gets low
• Optional Fall Detection: Automatically detects falls for an added level of protection.
• Optional Caregiver App: Allows approved responders to access the device’s location, count steps, track user’s activity, button presses, battery level, ring the device to locate a lost VIPx pendant, and send alert notifications to approved Caregivers.
• Lightweight, Water-Resistant: Safe to wear in the shower. Comfortable and easy to wear small pendant on a necklace or belt clip.
• Lifetime Warranty: Your LifeFone equipment will be quickly replaced at no charge. (Excludes loss, theft or wear and tear.)

What is it?

LifeFone’s voice-in-pendant VIPx protects you 24/7 both in your home and anywhere you go. It works in the U.S. where there is AT&T or Verizon cellular service (it works with our cell phone service, not yours). It’s an all-in-one solution, worn as a lightweight necklace or belt clip.

How does it work?

1. Summon Help: Activating your help button sends a signal to the LifeFone 24/7 monitoring station.
2. Immediate Assistance: A LifeFone Care Agent will summon help for you.
3. Help Is On The Way: LifeFone dispatches help. We notify EMS, and your designated emergency contacts.


  • Location accuracy may vary depending on environmental conditions.
  • Fall detection feature does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always press their button when they need help.
  • Cellular strength may vary depending on environmental conditions.