February is Heart Health Month

Remember these 5 topics to make positive changes to the behaviors that contribute the most to your health and wellbeing. We all have areas in life that we need to improve. Take baby steps and focus on just one area at a time until you’ve learned the best way for you to make healthy choices.

Weight Loss Series

In this SmartCare Session, we will look at three specific factors to consider when trying to achieve your weight loss goals: sleep, exercise, and healthy eating.

Gut Health, Sugar, and YOU! 101


Learn about gut health and sugar and how they affect all areas of your health. This topic also includes learning some tips to make healthier eating choices.

This is the first in a series of on-site informational wellness-focused gut health Lunch & Learns for employees.

Be Intentional with New Year’s Goals & Resolutions

January. It’s a time of clearing out, cleaning up and getting organized. We realign our priorities and make promises to ourselves for positive change. We decide what needs to change and we make the promise to do it. We believe ourselves. We want to succeed. But sticking to it – now that’s the challenge and often we are denied the sweet taste of success. To make the outcome different, our approach to the challenge has to be different.

Get closer to your food

Mindful Eating wellness program

Together we explore & troubleshoot all the areas where mindlessness gets in the way of healthy eating and show you how to get conscious about food.

Eating Well on Weekends & Road Trips

Eating healthy on road trips wellness program

In this workshop, we troubleshoot those bad weekend habits and teach you how to navigate highway rest stops, airports & ball parks for on-the-go foods that are good for you!

Food Allergies and Intolerance

health effects of food allergies wellness program

If you suspect that food is making you tired or ill, or if you experience bloating, gas or bowel trouble regularly you need to do this workshop!