This March, Make a Fresh Start

There’s something compelling about phrases like “A Fresh Start,” “Getting Back to Basics” and “Rediscovering our roots.” When it comes to eating well, these phrases are often associated with fresh, crisp vegetables; juicy, ripe fruit and a certain glow that tells you (and everyone else) your body appreciates wholesome foods.

September is Disease Prevention Month

seasonal variety of healthy vegetables

Chronic diseases and conditions – such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, chronic lung disease, and others – account for the most deaths in the United States and globally.

Detox Workshop

guided detox wellness program

The Detox Workshop is fun, and helps jumpstart weight loss and health and fitness commitments!

Get closer to your food

Mindful Eating wellness program

Together we explore & troubleshoot all the areas where mindlessness gets in the way of healthy eating and show you how to get conscious about food.

Food Allergies and Intolerance

health effects of food allergies wellness program

If you suspect that food is making you tired or ill, or if you experience bloating, gas or bowel trouble regularly you need to do this workshop!

Nutrition 101

Nutrition Basics wellness program

Learn about the science of nutrition- where our calories come from & what nutrients are doing for our bodies.

The Wellness Wheel

Habits that lead to unhealthy weights

We will explain the 7 categories of the Wellness Wheel & how to identify “weak spots” in our lifestyle habits.

6 Food Rules

Healthy Habits

In this class, we give away our secrets! We want everyone to know our 6 simple rules for staying nutritionally healthy.