The Secret to Ultimate Energy


Learn how sugar and caffeine actually work and how other alternatives may not only keep you awake, but will improve your health!

Dangers in Your Pantry

How to Read Nutrition labels

In this employee wellness session, we’ll explore the dangers that may be lurking in your pantry. A history of food additives and flavors will be discussed.

Hand Me the Chips!

Snack your way to health wellness program

This wellness program session about healthy snacking explores why we choose unhealthy snacks and how to replace them with something more nutritious.

Learn Your A, B, Cs and Omega 3s

Supplements Wellness Program in Pittsburgh

Do you need to take supplements? Do you stare at the bottles of vitamins, minerals, and the latest seaweed pill and wonder, “Do I need that?”

The Benefits of A Whole Food Diet

Eating Whole Foods Employee Wellness Sessions

If your family is nugget crazy and peels open boxes rather than peeling fruit, then this class is for you. In this two-week session, you’ll experience the benefits and goodness of a whole foods diet.

Live a More Vital Life

Nutrition Wellness Program for a Vital Life

The Live a More Vital Life program is designed to teach, why changes are important, what changes to make, and how to make them.